St. Paul's Early Childhood Development Center


Upon acceptance to the preschool, please complete the following registration forms:
□ Physician’s Report (to be completed by your child’s physician)
□ Identification and Emergency Information
□ Child’s Pre-Admission Health History—Parent’s Report
□ Personal Rights
□ Parent’s Rights
□ Admission Agreement
□ Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
□ Emergency Contact and Permission (front and back)
□ Copy of your child's BIRTH CERTIFICATE
□ Copy of your child's current IMMUNIZATION RECORD
□ Payment Agreement and necessary forms (Simply Giving Form with voided check for automatic withdrawal of payment)
□ Church Membership Sheet (for membership discount only)
□ Needs and Service Report (Infant/1s Program only)
The above required forms (total of 11) must be completed and submitted to the preschool office one week prior to your child’s attendance at school. Thank you for your cooperation! We look forward to an exciting school year with you. Please contact the preschool office if you have any questions regarding any of these paperwork (714) 637-2416 or Email: