St. Paul's Early Childhood Development Center

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Our days in the Orange Room are filled with lots of activity.  In the short time, we have them they grow to be self-sufficent in many self-help skills from dressing themselves to potty training!  During circle time they learn letters, how to clap syllables, patterns, days of the week, months and seasons.  Music and movement activities are incorporated through out the day!  We also read tons and tons of books, so much is learned through fun and fact filled books!  Our art activities may go along with a story we have been reading, the season, or sometimes just for the fun of it!  During outdoor play we incorporate dramatic play, pre-math with blocks and puzzles, large motor, and small motor with chalk and art projects.  We always end our mornings with Jesus time.  They hear, act out, and sing many stories from the Bible.  By the end of the school year our children know they are loved unconditionally by God.  They actually become little disciples for Jesus!