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What Our Kids Say

What St. Paul’s ECDC children say about our preschool:
  • I like to build in the sand box.
  • I love playing with my friends and I love the toys and I love swinging on the swings outside.
  • At school I love playing with my friends, drawing and housekeeping.
  • I love to hug my teacher!
  • I love to play with my friends!
  • Thank you so much for my birthday book. I have already read it several times and I love it.
  • I love being in your class. Thank you for making me feel special.
  • I like to play outside.
  • I like the animals inside.
  • I like the tricycles, scooters and blocks at school.
  • I like to dress up at school.
  • I love my three friends from the Eighth Grade class when they made my hat.
  • Thank you for such a fantastic, educational year!
  • I have had so much fun and have made so many new friends!
  • You are the best teacher ever!
Enjoy this preschooler singing "The Butterfly Song"