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What Our Parents Say

What our parents say about St. Paul’s staff & preschool:
My son is greatly enjoying his class and his teachers. Talking about his teachers and his friends always bring a smile to his face. - Liza
I am so incredibly impressed by my child's teachers. I could tell by how my child felt about school and how her teachers talk about the kids -- they are really patient, loving teachers. I stayed in the classroom and watched her teacher at carpet time, and I was truly amazed at what a great teacher she is. She has great interaction with the kids, very good control of the class without even changing the tone of her voice, and just a really fun way of engaging the kids and keeping them interested in learning. She could be on a kid's show on TV! - Michelle
“Thank you” for all the hard work and patience you have with our young children. You are very valuable to them and us as parents. You help each child find their individual self. Great work! - The Adams
The teachers at St. Paul's are fabulous! They have given us so much love and support!!! They make St. Paul’s feel like home for us! We love their staff, and truly appreciate all of their hard work! - M Family
Thank you so much for providing my child with such a loving, fun, and inviting environment! You are truly appreciated. - Charlotte and family
What a joy it has been to send our daughter to school and watch her grow as you’ve taught and loved her. We can’t thank you enough for your ministry! Your care for her shows in our home whenever she shares her favorite school song, Bible story or life’s lessons. - The Y’s
Thank you so much for all of your love and support these past years. Our child was so blessed to have been in your class; and all you do at St. Paul’s ECDC makes it a wonderful place for children to grown and learn. - The C. Family
My child is finally adjusted to "school", and I thank you and the ECDC staff for having much patience and creative energy! You are all blessed with gifts that help him enjoy and look forward to each day more and more. Many thanks! - Marie
Thank you very much for taking such great care of our child. She loves you all and it’s been such a help to us to have her with such loving people. She is turning into a sweet, thoughtful and well behaved little girl – a testimony to her great daycare! - Erin and Jeff
Our daughter has grown so much in the short time she has been at St. Paul’s. Thank you for your commitment to our children. We pray that you are continually encouraged by the work you do. We are so blessed by your daily effort. - N. Family
We can’t thank St. Paul's enough for their ministry with our daughter. She has grown so much this year and we appreciate all the time you’ve taught her and loved her. Her first year of school has been a blessing to our family. It takes a very special person to work with this age group. God’s continued blessings as you serve Him! - Jake & Christy
Thank you so much for all of your patience this year. My child is like a sponge and I know that it has a lot to do with all of the attention that he receives in school. Your dedication to the kids is outstanding. - Lisa & Brian
I am so grateful for each of the staff. I thank God that I was given the opportunity to work at such a wonderful school (ministry) and work with amazing teachers/people like all of you. Thank you for your prayers and support throughout the past year. Most of all, thank you for caring for my children and helping teach them about God and His love. - The B. Family
Thank you so much for all the love and patience that you have shown our child. You truly have a wonderful team of staff and a blessing to us all. - The E Family
We wanted to say thank you for loving our child and taking such good care of him everyday that he is there. We really enjoyed looking at the portfolio that you put together. - The D Family
Our family has been blessed by the work you do at St. Paul’s ECDC. Thank you for your commitment to raising children in an environment that honors God and praises our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for giving my child the best hugs at the end of the day! Your love for the kids at St. Paul’s ECDC is a blessing. Thank you for your dedication and perpetual smile! - Uiki & Liz
Thank you for all you do to make St. Paul’s ECDC such a wonderful place. Both our children have loved every minute they spent here, and both have grown so much because of all their wonderful teachers. Your energy is amazing, your genuine care and love enduring and your efforts do not go unnoticed. Our kids love school and learning and this is in large part due to their wonderful years here. - Michael and Tina
We would like to express our thanks to you once again. You have been an amazing influence in my child’s preschool and social development. We are so grateful that you took her into your class with open arms. My child’s feelings towards you have made such an impact on her during this past school year. She really looks up to you and loves you very much! We appreciate all that you are and all that you do. Thanks for everything. - Steve and Jenny
Thank you very much for all of the special attention and affection you have showed my child throughout the year. She has learned so much from all of you. Thank you! Thank you! - Jeanie & Gil
It has been a wonderful year having you as my child’s teacher. She has grown so much and you have helped in many way. But the biggest is helping her find Jesus in her heart. Thank you! - Helen